update to Oct 29th - It’s happening!  Woo Hoo! “The Night at the Palace”
Show nights: February 18 – 19 – 25 – 26 - 2022  Errington Hall.

update to Oct. 21st  Nanaimo musicians performing jazz renditions of Gordon Lightfoot songs
The above link is article in todays Nanaimo News Bulletin by Josef Jacobson..


Update Oct 6th.. I have 3 gigs coming up at the beginning of November.. Nov 1st and 10th at
Nanaimo's Port Theatre and Nov 14th matinee at Duncan Garage Showroom with Orith Horowitz..
The Nov 1st date is Impressions of Lightfoot on a double bill as part of Nanaimo Jazz Festival. The
Nov 10th date is as part of Skye Douglas Group, also a part of the Nanaimo Jazz Festival 2021..
Nov 1st and Nov 10th dates are being livestreamed as well for those who want to watch from home!
thanks for visiting my website! 

James is a drummer, mentor, composer, arranger, leader and producer living in Nanaimo B.C.

Photos by Doug Fetherston in the Fall of 2020 @ Queens Hotel and Nanaimo Entertainment Centre..
Top picture is Blue Dog Ramble.. 2nd picture is of Lucas Smart Quartet.

UPDATED TO June 8th 2021  in no particular order..

Article on a recording I am playing that was just released in the Nanaimo News Bulletin June 7th.

Old City Quarter is scheduled to have 8 live music performances every Friday 12-1pm beginning
August and ending last Friday of September. I am the artistic coordinator for this.. Stay tuned for more
information coming. Thanks.. 

Queens Blues Jam starts Sunday July 4th - 4pm start with Blue Dog Ramble.. 
Blue Dog Ramble also play the DInghy Dock Pub on Protection Island Saturday July 10th 5-8pm.

I am playing a couple of jazz type trio gigs under the leadership of Orith Horowitz ( acoustic bass-singer)
and with Phil Newns ( piano) on July 8th and 30th  - 5pm - as part of '39 days of July' in Duncan B.C. 
This is an outdoor performance. Come out if you are able to. Thanks..  Will be fun!

Blue Plate Special fundraiser recorded Oct 2020 released 2021  https://nanaimoblues.ca/blues-plate 

I recorded 5 tracks for an upcoming Jerry Story release in April 2021. Jerry Story is a boogie woogie
piano player whose song Colin Story plays guitar. MIles Black is playing some sax and B3 organ
sounds. Here is a link to Jerry Storys youtube channel. 

In November 2020 I recorded a few songs I wrote with Marisha Devoin, Nico Rhodes and Joelle Rabu.
When I figure out how to upload these sound files, I will share them, . Thanks..

Nanaimo Virtual Jazz Festival March 2021 https://nanaimojazzfest.ca/festival/  I play with the
Lucas Smart Quartet and Diane Braithwhite and Chris Whiteley Quartet seen on the videos on
Nanaimo International Jazz Festivals website.. 

I'm on a new recording of Hamish MacDonalds which you can buy or listen to here. I'm also on a
new recording / cd by Blue Dog Ramble that will be released soon.. stay tuned.. Update coming..
I am also on a recording of a Christmas song written by Glen Foster and Marty Steele that will be
coming out in the next few months. It has a catchy melody and is called 'Christmas in Vancouver'. 

Butts Giraud released a CD last year, summer of 2020 that I play on most of the songs. Contact
Butts direct - dogsear@shaw.ca or 250-751-4386. Butts is the famous wrestler of the past some
might remember him as.. CD is called Puamana Sunset by Butts Giraud and Friends. Thanks..

My close musical friend Patrick Coutin also released a CD 2019-2020 that I play on.. Please support him!

Live recording with Astrid Lyre Trio from Oct 14th 2019 at Osborne Bay Pub here...

Studio recording with Astrid Lyre Trio "Coming Home" released Nov 5th 2019

Photo credits on this website also include - Peter Sinclair, Bill Jorgensen and Wink Richardson

Interview on drumming with Alexis Deighton MacIntyre October 31st 2017.

Interview with Rick Gibbs at islandjazz.ca from June 9th 2016.